Very often, when we meet with professionals from the soil gardening industry, they look at our product line in disbelief. They never thought it useful to give such exhaustive and exclusive diets to plants.

A few years ago it was a reality: greenhouse growers were buying powdered mineral salts of different qualities, mixing and distributing them with the help of a simple program. But nowadays, to adapt to an increasingly demanding public for healthy food, growers find it easier to count on a dependable manufacturor, and insure nutritious and bountiful crops.

Because they gain in dependability and productivity, and therefore time and money.

Strong with 40 years immersed in plant nutrition and cultivation, we are able today to offer you the most dependable, efficient and cost-effective line of hydroponic systems and home-made nutrients and supplements.

Did you know? All our nutrient and supplements are designed for hydroponics, but they work wonders in all substrates : soil, coconut fibre, water, etc. (In soil use half the concentration).


Nutrients and additives