Designed for large plantes like tomatoes or peppers.

Download AeroFloas Advantages


  • 1440 plant-sites
  • 33cm between each line


This standard system is coming from our favorite line : AeroFlos.

Since more than 20 years gardeners and greenhouse growers as well as researchers and scientifics worldwide use our AeroFlos. They all agree to say that no other system guarantees the same level of growth and yield, while being easy to use and cost effective. The AeroFlo is indeed very efficient, and especially profitable for higher cash crops like uncommon, unusual, or rarely available plants on your local markets.

The technology behind the AeroFlo allows a highly  optimized water, oxygen, and nutrient management, along with the healthiest root environment and fast and vigorous plant development.

User-friendly and modular, the AeroFlo exists in standard modes and can be also built to measure. 

Since more than 15 years NASA uses the AeroFlos and Flora Series for their research on growing plants in space.

With all these advantages added, you can be sure that the AeroFlo is your best choice when creating your hydroponics micro farm.